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This area of Sweden is with no doubt a cornucopia of first class nature, and it gives a lot of outdoor activities during both winter and summer.

The wildlife is absolutely fantastic in this part of Sweden. You must be prepared to meet brown bears (especially in May and June), Wolf, Lynx, golden eagle, beaver, elk, reindeer.... a lot of birds and other great animals. So don't forget your
book about tracks and your binoculars.

Summer: A more perfect place for trekking is hard to find (good maps - also for orienteering with permanent checkpoints), mountainbiking, places for fishing so you'll think you are in Alaska :-) hunting, canoing, rafting, climbing, canyoning and of course the riding tours on Icelandic horse.

Winter: Ski-jumping at Mickeltemplet, downhill Skiing, cross country skiing (endless tracks), ice climbing at Njupeskär waterfall, ice-fishing, snow-scooters, dog sledding and of course also the riding tours on Icelandic horse.

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